Hear from our patients about their experience with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves the quality of life for patients. Dr.Evans, a leading expert in hyperbaric medicine, highlights the importance this treatment has for patients. Hear directly from Kim, Diane and Frank on their experience with Dr.Evans and MO2R.

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"I came to MO2R on the recommendation of my ENT after having sudden hearing loss eight weeks earlier. I had missed the optimum treatment window of two weeks. This was a ‘salvage’ mission, to reclaim any hearing at all, in order to have something to amplify with a hearing aid.

When I started the treatment sessions I had 0 WDS (word discrimination scores) in my right ear (audiogram). I could hear nothing. About 1/3 of the way through the treatment, an audiogram showed that I had gained 10% word comprehension. I was very hopeful to maybe gain 40 to 50% by the end.

To my surprise, just after the halfway point, I had a significant improvement, to 56% WDS. I would definitely be able to have a hearing aid now.

By the last audiogram, one week after the completion of the treatment sessions, I had amazingly regained 100% WDS! This was completely unexpected by my ENT.

I am so glad that I committed to the treatment plan. It has improved my hearing for the rest of my life."



"I am a cancer patent in remission. As a result of extensive radiation treatments I developed insufficiency fractures of the sacrum and spine, causing a lot of pain especially when weight bearing.
When my oncologist suggested a course of hyperbaric oxygen treatments I was very skeptical, especially when I found out it would take eight weeks- and would “spoil” most of my summer., but I felt I had to give it a try.

After some time I noticed a marked improvement in walking and I was reducing my doses of opioid painkillers.

The treatments proved to be surprisingly pleasant- meeting many very nice people-- the knowledgeable efficient and very kind personnel as well as interesting fellow patients. I was able to adjust the times of the treatments to make it possible to enjoy the summer after all..

Most importantly-- at the end I had drastically cut back on my pain meds, was able to get into the “sub” without assistance, and walk a distance without walker or cane.
It was certainly worth while- thank you!"

Anna Lopinski


"I was told I was going to lose my right lower leg because of an ulcer on the ball of my foot. I’d had it for 15 months. Then I was sent to a wound specialist who opened the wound up took a swab. After a few months I was sent to MO2R. I had a very thorough evaluation and then I was instructed about my ears and how to clear them in the chamber. While I was sitting in the waiting room, I met another patient who has having a coffee. She introduced herself and said don’t worry. I was really scared and probably depressed.

Speaking to another patient really relieved most of my fears and then I started my treatments. After one month my wound had improve greatly. I developed a wound on my left big toe, and they had to work on that. In another month I was completely healed. All the staff were very professional, friendly and courteous. They were really great."

Barbara Pickering