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Our Purpose

To conduct research into the causes, controls and cure of debilitating diseases,
illnesses and conditions.

To improve health through researching the optimal use of oxygen.
In this manner we will strive to demystify the wide range of health benefits
currently claimed but not scientifically evidenced by supplemental oxygen.

As well, there is a need to understand the limits of human tolerance for oxygen
and the potential hazards of excessive use.

Answers to these questions will address many unmet health research needs and
aid in institutional decision-makingregarding public support and access to this

Key driver for support will be through charitable donations through associated
organizations due to lack of industry interest in such explorations; since there is
no proprietary value in oxygen.

MO2R - Medical Oxygen Research & Medical Oxygen Repair
Building on a foundation of exemplary research & dedicated to the betterment of
patients' lives through compassionate use of   technology